Fixed Wire Testing (EICR)

Obtain an EICR to confirm compliance of electrical circuits and installations with current safety regulations.

Intersafe - Fixed Wire Testing specialists UK

Intersafe are a Fixed Wire testing company providing commercial EICR reports to large and complex business environments including hotels, schools, colleges and universities, manufacturing and industrial units as well as clean-room or sensitive production areas and large commercial offices.

Our focus is on minimising disruption to your business operation during testing. During the pre-testing survey we will identify any potential issues as well as plan the most efficient approach to testing your business. We provide a bespoke solution for every client, offering out of hours or out of term testing or the ability to fit into your pre-determined quiet periods.

Some clients prefer 100% of circuits to be tested, others prefer a rolling 20% or 33% each year (to comply with 5 or 3 year testing frequency).

We employ qualified, experienced engineers based in a number of locations across the South of England enabling us to guarantee a high-quality of electrical testing and inspection services to a broad range of clients.

What is involved in Fixed Wire Testing?

One or more engineers may be on site during testing, depending on the approach that best suits your commercial operation. They will conduct a number of tests on each distribution board which usually requires each circuit to be isolated for a short period of time.

Intersafe will work with you to identify where customers, guests, patients, students or employees may be affected and we will develop a testing scheduled with you to minimise impact, which might include providing testing outside of your core business hours or during scheduled periods of downtime.

Intersafe engineers are highly qualified and DBS checked. They are used to working independently within complex testing environments from sensitive cleanroom laboratories to heavy duty manufacturing plants, as well highly confidential defence sectors and high-end hotels and luxury spas and you can trust they will conduct the testing with minimal disruption.

Is Fixed Wire Testing a Legal Requirement?

An EICR or Fixed Wire or installation testing not only demonstrates that you are compliant with numerous Health & Safety regulations but, increasingly importantly, it ensures you are compliant with the requirements of most commercial insurers. Read more "Is fixed wire testing a legal requirement..."

Intersafe provide detailed EICR reports which you can conveniently store, view, download or share with colleagues via our secure cloud based Client Portal.

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