Intersafe Quality Appeals to Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki are global specialists in packaging for food and drink. They are continually developing new products, evolving processes and focussing on ever higher demands for quality from their global client base.

Services Delivered for Huhtamaki

Intersafe first stated working with Huhtamaki in 2006, completing annual PAT Testing in the manufacturing site in Portsmouth. Since 2011, Intersafe have conducted the Fixed Wire Testing and also undertake Thermographic surveys twice per year.

Ashley, Intersafe’s lead thermographer, has visited the Huhtamaki site multiple times. He comments:

“Huhtamaki operate an incredible level of technology and quality control. They are extremely organised – from the moment you walk in, the efficiency immediately shows. Attention to detail is clearly important to them – right down to the facilities manager checking I am wearing the correct safety footwear before letting me in!”

In addition to Huhtamaki’s regular routine checks, Intersafe conduct one major and one minor thermal survey per year; the minor one assesses the electric supply, and the major one assesses the supply plus control panels.

Regular Surveys Enable Early Fault Identification

During one summer survey, when the unusually hot weather placed additional stress on some of the equipment, Ashley identified a critical issue in one of the supply points. Thermal imaging identified cables reaching temperatures of 80-100C, well in excess of the normal, safe operating temperature. The risk of fire in such a situation is extremely high.

During a short shut down, the Electrical Management team replaced the affected fuses and removed the risk, thus ensuring high-production manufacturing could continue as usual.

A spokesperson for Huhtamaki commented, “We have a very longstanding relationship with Intersafe. They understand our business, the way we work and our requirements of them. Their engineers are always excellent and carry out their testing duties with the minimal disruption to our operation. We’re very happy with the service we receive.”