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Who is responsible for PAT in your industrial workplace?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the process of inspecting portable electronic equipment for safety. This should be carried out by a qualified individual to provide evidence that electrical appl...

Posted: Mon 25 Oct 2021

A Guide to EICR Inspection in Industry

It is essential to have an EICR for your workplace to fulfil your legal responsibilities to employees and visitors to your premises. We’ve put together a guide to EICRs and Fixed Wire Testing to he...

Posted: Tue 05 Oct 2021

How to Meet Electrical Safety Standards in Your Hotel with Minimal Disruption

It is vital to keep on top of electrical testing in your hotel to ensure you comply with legal requirements and prioritise the safety of your guests and staff.

Posted: Mon 13 Sep 2021

Bespoke 5-Star Service for Hotels

Here at Intersafe, we offer a bespoke 5-star service to all our clients, but we also have a huge number of clients who are certified 5-star luxury hotels.

Posted: Mon 30 Aug 2021