What Is Remedial Work And Why Do You Need It?

It is recommended that you have the electrical systems in your home, private or commercial property tested every 5 years by getting an Electrical Safety Certificate or Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

This is to help identify any issues that could cause any potential fires or hazards.

You will need a qualified assessor to conduct the tests and if it’s all safe for use, you’ll get your certificate. If your report contains any C1 (imminent danger) or C2 (serious hazard) codes, or ‘Further Investigation’ recommendations, your system has a level of risk or danger.

What to do if any issues get identified from the EICR?

Appoint a suitably qualified contractor, such as Intersafe, immediately to complete the work required to resolve these issues to receive a satisfactory report. Until the remedial electrical work is completed, your installation is not compliant with Health & Safety legislation.

If your EICR report contained any C3 codes, these are advisory and do not legally require remedial action, however, it has been identified that part of your electrical installation is no longer up to the required standard and remedial action is recommended.

What are the benefits of carrying out remedial work?

Not only will having any hazards corrected ensure your property is compliant with the regulations and is safe, it is useful to have the certificate in place for if you were to sell the property as you’ll often need it in place for the sale and it can also help identify any future issues that could arise before they become a dangerous (and costly) problem.

If you are a commercial or private landlord, it is now law for your rented properties to have the certificates in place before tenants move in or you can be heavily fined.

If you need an EICR or remedial work carrying out, Contact our team of specialists today. We provide a bespoke solution for every client, offering options that mean minimal disturbance for you.