pat testing

What happens during a PAT test? 

Are you wondering what happens during a PAT test? Here, we explain why PAT testing is important and what to expect when you arrange yours. 

What is PAT testing? 

PAT testing is carried out to ensure that all electrical equipment is safe to use. Business owners and landlords must get any equipment on their premises PAT tested so that they can be confident their employees or tenants are not at risk of harm. There isn’t a legal obligation to have electrical equipment PAT tested, but it’s recommended that at least a visual test is completed every year. 

What does a PAT test involve? 

A PAT test can be carried out on all electrical equipment and involves both visual checks and electrical tests.  

Visual checks include checking for frayed wires, cracked casing, or damaged plugs. If anything is flagged as being dangerous it can then be repaired or replaced. 

A PAT tester machine will be used to carry out further checks, such as earth continuity, lead polarity, and insulation resistance. More advanced tests can then be completed if necessary, but these quick and easy options should be enough for most business owners and landlords. 

Can I choose the time of my PAT test? 

When you choose Intersafe for your PAT testing, you can pick a time that best suits you and your requirements. As part of our services, we can come to visit your business out of hours to ensure your business stays running smoothly.  

If you need the work to be completed within a shorter time frame, we can also send out more than one engineer to speed up the process.  All of our engineers are qualified to a minimum of City & Guilds 2377 and are fully DBS checked, so you can have complete confidence in our service. 

Contact our expert team today to arrange PAT testing by qualified professionals.