What Does a Thermography Survey Cover?

What Does a Thermography Survey Cover?

To ensure your business or organisation is a safe working environment, you might be considering arranging a thermography survey. But what does a thermography survey cover? Here’s a quick guide to thermal imaging and what to expect from your survey.

What does a thermography survey look at?

Thermography surveys focus on three key areas of your building: electrical systems, mechanical systems and building structure.

Electrical systems  

During a thermography survey, the camera can detect faults in your electrical system due to the increased heat produced, known as hot spots. This includes loose electrical connections, overloading circuits and phase imbalances, as well as insulation corrosion, wire damage and high resistance in fuses and switchgear.

Analyse the switchboard allows the surveyor to identify any faults effectively.

Mechanical systems 

If your premises has mechanical systems, there are a range of faults thermal imaging can detect. This includes insulation breakdown and boiler seal leakage, corroded bearings, motor overload, plus faults with hydraulic systems, valves and turbines.


If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your building, thermal imaging can show you where heat is escaping. For example, the camera will identify weak spots in wall insulation and seals, in addition to flat roof leakage and faults in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

What are the benefits of thermal imaging?

There are a range of benefits to thermography surveys for your organisation.

  • Reduced maintenance downtime – with faults detected early, they can be repaired before they cause major problems that take longer to fix.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – not only will reduced downtime save your business money, but quicker, easier fixes will cost less than major repair work.
  • Dangerous events prevented – by detecting faults early, thermal imaging prevents potentially dangerous events like fires.
  • Evidence of compliance – thermal imaging shows your business’ commitment to workplace safety regulations. It can also be used for insurance purposes.

If you’d like to discuss a thermography survey for your business, get in touch with the Intersafe team today.