University of Roehampton Case Study

In the heart of south west London, the University of Roehampton is the city’s leading campus University.

Thirty minutes from London’s buzzing West End, the university has a vibrant community of over 10,000 students spread across its four constituent colleges; Digby Stuart, Froebel, Southlands and Whitelands.

Last summer the university chose Intersafe to carry out a full periodic inspection of its entire site. This was the first time the university had tested the whole campus in one go for many years, having run part inspections in the past.

Covering some 12,000 circuits across over 50 buildings, Intersafe began its full inspection in August 2013, which took between three and four months. The next few months were spent carrying out the necessary remedial work.

The team often worked out of hours, starting early in the morning, finishing late at night and even operating at weekends to ensure minimum disruption.

The firm was also tasked with bringing the university’s systems up to date, meeting the ’17th edition wiring regulations’. One of the significant requirements of this edition is to ensure that all socket outlets intended for ordinary persons and general use are fitted with residual-current devices (RCDs). Intersafe implemented this safety measure to improve the level of protection against electric shock on the site.

Dan Smith, Compliance Manager at the university, said that one of the additional benefits of working with Intersafe was that they provided upgraded and detailed CAD drawings.

“The drawings we had of the site were very outdated. Intersafe did a great job of creating marked-up floor plans and electrical schematic drawings. The inspection reports they produced were extremely thorough too. This was a big bonus as it’s something we’ve never had in the past.”

Intersafe ensured that all the modern systems were put into place whilst fixing any faults found.

Dan said:”The team was great. Their communication throughout the project was brilliant.They told us about and repaired any issues they came across and their local sourcing meant that they were constantly on hand and available.”

“I would recommend Intersafe to anyone looking to carry out electrical testing and inspection. They handled the university’s huge site professionally and capably.”