University of Brighton Case Study

The University of Brighton has one of the best teaching quality ratings in the UK and a strong research record.

The University of Brighton has one of the best teaching quality ratings in the UK and a strong research record.

With a community of over 23,000 students and 2,600 staff based on five campuses in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings, it is a thriving community as well as a place of learning and research.

It places strong emphasis on the safety of its staff, students and visitors and carries out periodic testing every five years to ensure its electrical circuits and wiring meet high UK safety standards.

This summer, following a competitive four-way pitch, the university chose Intersafe to carry out periodic inspection and testing in two of its large and three of its smaller buildings.

Tony Hammond, the university’s Electrical Services Engineer, said: “We knew of Intersafe some time ago and were very impressed with what we heard when their staff came to visit us. As the time came to choose which companies to tender for our periodic testing and inspection, it was an obvious choice to invite Intersafe to compete for the work.

“The prices put forward were very competitive and, added to the strong track record Intersafe had demonstrated in the past, it was a winning combination.”

Intersafe won the tender and, on June 27, Managing Director, Adrian Pendle, personally visited Tony at the university for a ‘pre start meeting’.

Tony said: “It was reassuring to be able to walk around the site together and look at the buildings to be tested. I was very impressed – particularly with the way Intersafe took the time to evaluate what disruption might be caused and what solutions could be put in place to minimise that disruption. The company also provided us with a dedicated engineer, who would be on site at all times to ensure the work went smoothly and act as our main point of contact. That was very helpful.”

The pre start meeting was also an opportunity for Intersafe to demonstrate its excellence in health and safety. Full health and safety documentation was given well in advance, giving Tony ample time to inspect the documentation and ensure that everything was in order.

With a plan of action in place, Intersafe’s team of expert testers started work at the university on July 3. They worked every day for 12 weeks to test the thousands of circuits within the allocated buildings, working late in the evenings, early in the mornings and even at weekends to ensure minimum disruption.

Tony said: “We often hire university rooms and buildings to companies and organisations so even during the holidays, the site is buzzing with activity. It was great that Intersafe was able to work unusual hours to accommodate this.”

Over the 12 weeks, Intersafe’s team tested and inspected circuits at the university’s Mithras House, which has around 250 rooms over five floors, the Watts building, which has 210 rooms over seven floors, and two smaller buildings.

Tony said: “I was very impressed with the way the Intersafe team worked. They were very presentable, always in uniform so they were easily identifiable, and worked quickly and safely, ensuring minimum disruption to others on site.

“The full report and drawings that were provided to us after the work was carried out are very thorough and form a vital part of our health and safety documentation here.

“I would certainly recommend Intersafe to anyone looking to carry out periodic inspection and testing.”