The Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Schools

LED lights use advanced technology to provide a lighting solution 10 times more efficient than traditional lighting, with significantly reduced energy costs and a wealth of benefits.

In this article, we will discuss the key benefits of switching to LED lighting in schools, including improved health and safety and better overall academic performance.

Improved productivity of Students

Flickering fluorescent lights which contain toxic gases can have a negative impact on student productivity and can also trigger migraines. Research has shown LED lighting works to improve productivity in schools by adjusting throughout the day to naturally align with daily cycles of lightness and darkness.

Reduced energy costs

Investing in LED lighting solutions will not only provide higher quality lighting but will also drastically reduce your energy usage when compared to fluorescent lighting, allowing for more money to be invested into education tools. Significant savings in energy bills due to their environmentally friendly design will also result in a short term pay back time of 2-5 years.

Suitable for all spaces

LED lighting accommodates a wide range of educational facilities, from offices to sports halls and classrooms, so its productivity benefits can be felt across the school environment. LED Floodlights also allow for tailored lighting in car parks and in the school’s exterior areas to ensure maximum visibility throughout the day.

5-Year Maintenance Warranty

Every LED luminaire light installed by Intersafe is guaranteed maintenance, free of charge, for 5 years following your purchase. In addition to this, LED lighting will typically last more than 10 years, eliminating the need for costly repairs and maintenance.

LED Lighting Experts

As LED lighting specialists, Intersafe provide a free design consultation as part of our service to ensure you fit the right solution for your light distribution and intensity needs. We can also offer guidance on energy efficient installation and control mechanisms to maximise energy efficiency.

Save money and energy by making the switch to LED lighting with Intersafe. Contact our team of specialists today and find a solution tailored to your work environment.