Testing and inspections increase as facilities management services grow

Intersafe is seeing an increase in testing and inspections following a rise in facilities management services.

Intersafe is seeing an increase in testing and inspectionsfollowing a rise in facilities management services, and the news that theindustry is set to grow by 16% over the next decade.

Market analyst Mintel, which reported the figure, statesthat the amount of interest in UK facilities management has also increasedinternationally.

Adrian Pendle, managing director at Intersafe, said: “We’re seeing a lot more businesses focusing on ‘hard’ services, like electrical contracting.This means we’re seeing a real increase in companies looking to test the electrical systems and appliances within buildings.”

The increase in facilities management services also shows a shift within the profession, with businesses showing a rise in confidence and more making plans to move to new areas.

Mintel has also forecast a growth of mechanical and electrical contracting by 19% until 2018, displaying a high level of optimism.

However, due to Government cuts in spending, the research shows that businesses with the biggest growth are likely to be predominantly private sector.

Adrian said: “We’re prepared for this increase to grow for the foreseeable future. We work very closely with a large number of facilities managers, and it’s a really healthy sign for the industry.”

Intersafe provides a number of services that aid the increase in facilities management services, including PAT testing, periodictesting and thermal imaging.

Adrian added: “We’re already working hard to make sure the big changes being made are safe and operating well. With such a big rise in services and contracting, more electrics will need testing.”