Temperature Screening for Covid-19 in the Workplace

Thermal imaging technology has been widely adopted around the world to create Temperature Screening Stations on entry to the workplace.

As Government restrictions start to lift and businesses re-open, employers need to consider how best to create a safe working environment which allows employees, customers and visitors to feel confident and secure.

Temperature Screening is an increasingly popular and convenient option when used as part of a package of safety measures.

What is Temperature Screening?

One of the primary symptoms associated with Covid-19 is a fever or an increased temperature (over 37.8C or 100.4F). Temperature Screening is the use of advanced thermal imaging technology to take a person’s skin temperature in a rapid and non-invasive way.

Temperature Screening is contact-free and highly efficient and has already been deployed in airports worldwide.

How does Temperature Screening create a Safer Workplace?

As well as introducing measures to limit the spread of a potential Covid-19 infection, such as a modified cleaning routine, maintaining social distancing or wearing facemasks, a prudent employer should also take steps to prevent Covid-19 infection entering the workplace at all.

Temperature Screening Stations can be set up at key entry points and used to identify individuals who display an elevated skin temperature, which may indicate a fever and possible Covid-19 infection.

Why use Temperature Screening

Temperature Screening is quick and easy to set up and offers many advantages to the employer. Temperature Screening is contact-free, can be conducted whilst maintaining social distancing and provides an immediate temperature reading so it is suitable even for high-footfall locations. Full operator training is included in the package.

How Accurate is Thermal Imaging?

Not all thermal imaging cameras are suitable for Temperature Screening activities as it requires both appropriate pixel resolution as well as accuracy of temperature sensing.

Selected camera models which are suitable also include a Temperature Screening function, which generates an alarm when a reading exceeds a pre-determined temperature level.

Thermal imaging cameras which include a temperature screening mode can detect skin temperature to an accuracy of ±0.5C.

Does Temperature Screening Reliably Detect Covid-19

No. Infrared thermal imaging can only detect an increased heat emission from the skin. This elevated skin temperature may be indicative of a fever, which is a common symptom of Covid-19 infection, but is not a diagnosis. Further testing would be required to confirm Covid-19 infection.

Is Thermal Imaging Safe to use on People?

Intersafe have partnered with FLIR, global leaders in the manufacture of sensory devices. We recommend the use of specific camera models with the temperature screening mode as these have already been approved by the US FDA for use in this way.

Can any Businesses use Temperature Screening?

Yes. Intersafe have developed a convenient Temperature Screening Package containing a high-resolution thermal imaging camera with Temperature Screening mode, a stand, VDU, all necessary cables and online operator training.

Is Temperature Screening GDPR Compliant?

Temperature Screening is simply a way of using a Thermal Imaging Camera. GDPR compliance can easily be achieved by the way the organisation implements their Temperature Screening protocols; Participants should be aware that they are being screened and the data collected should not be stored or used for any other reason than assessing suitability of that individual to enter the site on that occasion.

If you are interested in obtaining a Temperature Screening Package for your workplace, please contact us for more information.

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