Schools in England to Decide Term and Holiday Dates: What Does It Mean for Electrical Contracting?

Schools in England now have freedom to decide their own term dates, with many schools taking advantage of the change.

All schools in England now have the freedom to decide their own term dates, with many schools and academies taking advantage of the change.

Not only does this give more freedom to parents and staff booking their holidays, it also alleviates the very busy times for electrical contractors working in the holidays, giving you more flexibility and availability when booking services like PAT Testing and Periodic Testing.

The Deregulation Bill means that from September 2015 all schools in England have the freedom to decide their own term dates, still operating within a legal limit of a minimum of 190 school days each year. “It is right that all schools are free to set their own term dates in the interests of parents and pupils,” said a spokesman for the Department for Education.

A coordinated approach is favoured, with many head teachers and parents agreeing that the holidays should be staggered by area so that parents with children in different schools can organise their holidays together.

It also means that the traditionally very busy time for electrical contractors is alleviated as schools have different holiday dates for contracting to fit around. Intersafe Director, Adrian Pendle, said “The change in regulation does mean that we have more flexibility and availability to offer schools as the demand for Electrical Testing will be spread across a longer period of time. In our 20 years experience we have worked with many schools and colleges to offer a professional tailored service that suits each individual school and their ;needs.”

Whether it’s PAT Testing, Periodic Testing or Thermal Imaging that you need to book for the October half term or Christmas holidays, Intersafe are specialists in offering tailored electrical testing solutions. Call Steph on 02380 61 01 01 or email to book your appointment.