Quality facilities key to students’ university decision

Intersafe is stressing the importance of keeping electrical testing up to date for education institutions.

Intersafe is stressing the importance of keeping electrical testing up to date for education institutions after a survey revealed the importance students place on quality facilities.

More than three-quarters* (77%) of students in a recent online poll said that the facilities available at their prospective university played a ‘key’ role in them choosing it. The only factor marginally more important than the facilities was the course itself, the students said.

Commissioned by the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE), the report asked two thousand students about their university choice and the facilities that are most important to them.

Students cited the library and IT facilities as the university resources that they used most. Despite increased student fees, over half (54%) of those surveyed say that they would be happy for more money to be available to be spent on facilities or the estate.

Testing library facilities such as computers and other electrical equipment is an important tool to maintaining their efficient operation and keeping students happy.

Intersafe is experienced in the education sector and counts a number of well known universities among its clients, including Oxford Brooks, University College London and the University of Brighton.

With students paying increasing high tuition fees, the sector is increasingly becoming a buyer’s market, meaning directors of Estates have to keep students’ interests at the forefront of their decision making.

Adrian Pendle, Intersafe Director, said:

“As students become more and more akin to customers, keeping them happy is increasingly important for estates directors. ;

“They are clearly interested in quality facilities in making their choice of university. An effective electrical testing approach is the key to ensuring equipment is compliant and stays up and running and available for students to use. It’s an important piece of the puzzle and it’s something we are proud to be delivering regularly for some of the best known names in the sector.”

*Survey carried out by One Poll. 2,000 UK students were surveyed online in February 2014.