New electrical building services guide launched

The BSRIA has launched an updated version of its Illustrated Guide to Electrical Building Services.

The BSRIA has launched an updated version ofits Illustrated Guide to Electrical Building Services (BG 32/2015).

The new guide replaces the previous edition(BG 5/2005) and provides basic reference information on electricalbuilding services systems for construction clients and professionals in otherareas of the industry. ;

The latest version contains furtherinformation on circuit breakers, motor controllers, on-sitegeneration, power quality, standby generators, plugs and sockets, and temporarysupplies for construction sites. ;

Every chapter includes an introduction to each systemfollowed by a list of key points. Photographs and simple drawings are used tohelp explain the appearance and operation of each system.

BG 32/2015 provides aninsight into the main system options for construction clients and can assistdialogue with the design team. It can also help clients to identify and raisetechnical questions which they feel are relevant to their organisation’sparticular needs. Construction professionals can use the guide as a quickreference to building services systems.

Adrian Pendle, Managing Director of Intersafe, said:”The previous edition of this guide has been a useful tool for many years. AtIntersafe we welcome the publication of this latest version, which will helpthose across the entire building and construction spectrum ensure buildings aresafe and compliant when it comes to electrics.”

Individual guides can be ordered for £60 to non-members or £30 to BSRIA members. Members can download PDF versions for free.

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