LED Lighting

Looking to reduce your workplace energy bills? LED lighting could be the solution

Many people will have heard of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting which have become more popular over time. Gone are the days of incandescent bulbs for lighting the home and office. In 2012 a change in legislation banned their manufacture and importation in a bid to lower carbon emissions.

LEDs were born in 1962 and did not start out as being the cheapest option. Overtime they have developed so much so that they are now the most cost-effective lighting option there available.

Here we explore some benefits of LED lighting and if they would be useful to lower your workplace energy bills.

What are the benefits to LED lighting?

  1. Energy costs
    The main advantage to using LED lighting over other types of lighting is the savings cost. LED lighting uses up to 90% less energy than incandescent lighting, making it considerably cheaper for the user to run.
  2. Long life
    LED lighting lasts far longer than its predecessor – the old incandescent light bulb – that was common place years ago. With LED lighting lasting up to 50 times longer than this option they are certainly an investment as far as reducing your electricity bill is concerned. With them lasting longer you’ll not need to worry about the cost of replacing them as frequently.
  3. Eco-friendly
    With so many people today being more environmentally savvy it’s important you consider ensuring your premise is as energy efficient as it can be. Of the worlds electricity, 20% is used on lighting alone. Introducing more LED lighting will support efforts to lower carbon emissions.

When you’re running a large premise, any savings to your electricity bill will be welcome. This means considering installing LED lighting if you don’t currently have them installed. With LED lighting saving money on your bills and improving emissions, installing LED lighting looks to be the perfect solution.

Intersafe have extensive experience in fitting LED lighting in commercial buildings. To find out more about how Intersafe can help you reduce your bills by installing LED lighting speak to the Intersafe team today.