Just a click away from peace of mind

Intersafe has launched a quick and handy website tool.

We’re all so busy these days, it’s easy to forget essential dates, such as the renewal of essential electrical tests.

To help the people of the UK remember their next PAT or fixed installation testing date, Intersafe has launched a quick and handy website tool.

Bespoke to Intersafe, clients are urged to fill in a simple online form to give the date their current test expires and the number of appliances which need re-testing.

Once they have filled out the form they will receive a reminder from Intersafe to let them know when their next test is due to help them stay compliant with health and safety regulations.

Keeping up to date with electrical testing dates allows Intersafe’s team to contact people only when necessary and give them relevant quotes. ;

Adrian Pendle, managing director of Intersafe, says the new website tool puts the client in charge. “It allows you to manage your electrical testing – by taking a couple of minutes to fill in the web form you can rest assured you won’t forget to renew your tests.

“A simple but effective step for peace of mind.”

Andy Waterman from Carswell Gould, who created the tool on behalf of Intersafe, added: “The whole idea behind the tool was to make the user’s life easier. We’ve kept everything very simple to make it easy for them to use and, coupled with Intersafe’s swift service, this will make the process of electrical testing even easier for businesses across the south and the UK.”

Visit the tool for yourself, enter your dates and leave the stress of remembering your electrical testing behind.