Is your hotel prepared for Summer?

With over 37 million people set to visit the UK this year. We spoke to Intersafe’s Operations Manager, Kelvin Hickman about what can be missed as hotels prepare to welcome their guests.

All hotels and entertainment establishments up and down the country will be making their finishing touches to welcome guests to the UK as we look forward to the Summer months to come. We spoke to our Operations Manager Kelvin Hickman on his experiences with the hospitality and entertainment industry regarding which areas of the building that can sometimes get missed.

It is also important to remember that aswell as a duty of responsibility for your guests you have a duty of care towards every employee. The back of house might well be the part of the building that the public do not see, but it is where your employees spend a lot of their time, ‘many back of house areas are often forgotten, so I have seen many RCDs that are unprotected’ either in the plant room or in the fuse box of the site.

Kelvin also explained that when he and his team arrive to test a site many staff are unaware of the planned electrical testing, ‘prior warning with staff and good communication with the site is essential so we don’t disturb the running of your business’ Intersafe can work around the clock at a time to suit you, all of our engineers work at weekends and evenings as to not disturb your business during busier periods.

While preparing for a busy Summer, some employees can come and go. As some staff prepare to leave the company, we recommend that the correct information and the correct dates for testing and observations are passed over. Kelvin Hickman, Operations Manager for Intersafe told us that ‘should management change hands during a busy period, it is imperative that key dates for inspection and testing are recorded to avoid anything being missed going forward.’ As temperatures are set to soar this year it is also worth considering having your RCD or intakes thermal imaged inbetween having them tested as this can be an non-intrusive way of checking that everything is in working order.

Intersafe specialise in Fixed Wire Testing, Portable Appliance Testing and Thermal Imaging, if you have any questions or simply would like to book a free of charge site survey, email