Is the time right for LED lighting?

It is now seen as a social responsibility for most companies to be active in the change over from incandescent…

Not only is this a step towards being more environmentally friendly,but organisations are also looking at the possible cost savings as well. LEDs have a much low cost of ownership, with a longer lamp life and less replacement cost. The use of LEDs would also significantly reduce their energy bills with some ;manufacturers claiming savings of up to 80% of the costs. With the wide range of LED lamps available now, every company should be able to find LEDs to suit their needs. The big draw with LED lamps is that they pay for themselves; when you changeover to LED enough money will be saved that the job will pay for itself.

There is now such a wide range of different LED products available on the market that there should always be a product suitable for everyone and all environments. The only initial issue that people may stumble on is the buying cost of the product. However, with such a low maintenance cost, LEDs must be considered as an investment. Manufacturers produce each LED lamp in a number of different colour temperatures options, lamp bases and wattages in order to try and fulfill all lighting requirements. In the early days of LEDs there would have been an argument that they may not be suitable for all environments, but due to recent developments this is no longer the case.

Historically, the key factors for selecting LED lamps have been lumen output and colour temperature. Now manufacturers have addressed these issued with light outputs comparable to other sources, and colour tolerances of just 100K, other factors have become more important. These include making optimum use of the lumen output through precise beam control, which can deliver the performance that lighting designers and their clients expect from spotlights. This is particularly important when replacing halogen spotlights with LED spotlights. Finally, aesthetics is also vital as spotlights tend to be very visible. In using the traditional company-profile reflector design, installers can ensure that aesthetics considerations are addressed.

There is now a huge range of low energy lighting available, with a large variety of incandescent and halogen replacements now represented in the CFL and LED market. The improvements in technologies now mean that there is a wide range of lamp styles and colour temperatures available, and they are all retrofit and direct replacements of the existing lamps. Technologies have also advanced allowing LEDs to be installed on a number of different lighting controls and dimming systems allowing businesses to be.