Intersafe Promised…And Delivered. A PAT Testing case study

A PAT testing case study from one of the largest motoring research and development centres in Europe.

Cranfield Motoring R&D Centre recently appointed Intersafe to conduct their Portable Appliance Testing (PAT testing).

The Bedfordshire based site houses over 1200 people involved in Design & Development, Purchasing, Production Engineering & QA functions for a range of cars manufactured at plants across Europe.

The maintenance team invited Intersafe to tender against other specialist contractors to complete testing on 6000 items within a narrow pre-defined shutdown window.

The on-site Facilities Contract Supervisor commented;

Intersafe’s prices were in line with our expectations, but they promised a superior service. We’d experienced some challenges with previous contractors so we thought we’d give Intersafe a chance.

“What a great decision that was. The attitude of commitment from the engineers was exactly what we’d hoped for. Testing this year was the best experience we have had in as long as I can remember.

“Intersafe promised. And they delivered! Thank you to everyone involved at Intersafe.”

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