Insurance Companies Turn Up the Heat with Mandatory Thermal Imaging

The old saying prevention is better than cure has never been so true. Electrical Testing experts, Intersafe, discover insurance companies turning up the heat by including thermal imaging as a mandatory part of their commercial insurance policies for businesses.

Thermal imaging or thermography is the process of using a special camera designed to look only for heat by way of infra-red (IR) energy waves. A thermal imaging survey detects any “hot spots” in wiring, caused by poorly connected cabling, which if undetected, can lead to overheating and potentially a serious fire hazard. Additionally, the service can be utilised to identify leaks, burst pipes, check seals on cold stores and even measure the energy efficiency of buildings.

Back in 2010 Aviva highlighted the importance of thermal imaging surveys, they said “The technology assists businesses in complying with legal requirements of the Electricity at Work regulations by complementing the electrical periodic test and inspection and helping to prove the safety of electrical systems.”

Many insurance companies look favourably on businesses that undertake annual electrical thermal surveys, possibly resulting in discounted commercial insurance premiums. Thermal imaging ensures the business is safe and in line with regulations, therefore greatly reducing the risk of any major problems.

In one instance recently, Intersafe engineers were working on an electrical testing job for a company when the client realised their latest insurance policy stipulated that a thermal imaging survey had to be carried out.

Thermal imaging can be incorporated into any predictive or preventative maintenance programme. So next time your business insurance policy comes up for renewal or perhaps it has been updated without you realising, just check the small print to make sure you’re not missing any additions such as thermal imaging.

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