IET Wiring Regulations Amendment 3 Comes In To Effect

This week saw amendment 3 to the 17th edition of the IET wiring regulations come in to effect.

Amendment 3 to the 17th Edition of the IET wiring regulations came in to effect on Wednesday 1st July meaning that all installations after this date must comply fully with the new edition.

These new regulations affect electrical installations as follows:

  • Installations designed from 1st July 2015 should comply with the new edition
  • Periodic Inspection and Testing of installations from 1st July 2015 should demonstrate compliance under the new regulations
  • The design or installation of electrical work done prior to the end of June 2015 may follow either Amendment 3 or Amendment 2
  • The new requirements do not apply to consumer units until 1st January 2016

Potentially life-saving changes are proposed making this a vital update. These changes are expected to include (but are not limited to) amendments in the following areas:

  • Consumer units (to come into effect January 2016)
  • Wiring in escape routes
  • Changes to earth fault loop impedances for all protective devices
  • Updated EIC and EICR forms
  • Changes to definitions throughout the Regulations

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