LED lighting photograph of ceiling

How to Switch to LED Lighting and Reduce Workplace Bills by Up to 80%

LED lighting can benefit businesses in a variety of industries, including offices, industrial units, warehouses, retail environments and universities. It has numerous benefits, including improving your work environment, reducing your carbon footprint and saving your business money.

Here’s how to switch to LED lighting and reduce your workplace bills.

Why install LED lighting in your workplace?

Switching to LED lighting has a range of benefits for businesses. The improved quality of light from LED luminaires provides crisper lighting for your employees to work in, boosting productivity levels and staff wellbeing.

LED lighting also makes your company more environmentally friendly by using energy more efficiently, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

The vast range of LED lighting options available means you can create stylish and impactful lighting features to complement any interior design.

How much money will LED lighting save?

LED lighting will reduce your energy bills by between 50 and 80 per cent – a huge saving for your workplace expenses. Most businesses have a payback period of two to five years after installing LED lighting, depending upon the size and complexity of your installation.

All LED lighting installations from Intersafe come with a five-year maintenance free guarantee. This means that there is no cost for replacing or fixing installations for five years – and LED luminaires typically last for over ten years.

The LED lighting installation process

Intersafe will carry out a full site survey to assess your premises and determine your lighting requirements.

There are almost unlimited design options for LED lighting in your business environment. With our free design consultation service, your new installation will be planned to improve lighting distribution and intensity across your workplace. Our expert team will also advise you on installation features to make yours as energy efficient as possible, such as control mechanisms like motion sensors.

The team will create a bespoke lighting plan for your LED infrastructure, detailing expected light levels in each area and a calculation of your payback period.

Once your plan is finalised, the Intersafe team will install your LED lighting at a time that best suits you.

To discuss installing LED lighting in your business setting, get in touch to book a free consultation with our team today.