How to Meet Electrical Safety Standards in Your Hotel with Minimal Disruption

It is vital to keep on top of electrical testing in your hotel to ensure you comply with legal requirements and prioritise the safety of your guests and staff.

Fixed wire testing (EICR) and PAT testing should be carried out regularly, but it can be challenging to arrange testing without disrupting the day-to-day operations of your hotel – especially if your buildings are large and complex.

Intersafe are leading electrical testing specialists in the hotel industry, so we’ve put together some helpful guidelines for achieving high levels of safety without impacting your guest experience.

Conduct a site survey for minimal disruption to guests

A pre-testing site survey helps to ensure a seamless testing process without interfering with guests’ stays or disrupting the daily operations of your hotel.

Surveys can identify any potential obstacles before work begins, help engineers to understand the individual requirements of each hotel and allow a bespoke plan to be drawn up to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal disruption. Site surveys also provide you with the most accurate quote for any work required.

If you would rather not have 100 per cent of your hotel circuits tested at one time, a scheduled maintenance plan can be developed. This means that 20 or 33 per cent of your hotel can be tested per year to comply with three or five-year testing frequencies.

Electrical testing at optimal times

Minimise disruption to your guests by testing during your hotel’s quietest periods.

Public areas of hotels are more likely to be used during the day and rooms at night, so arrange for testing to be carried out in different areas during the quietist hours to minimise disruption. For example, the optimal time to test the spa might be between 10:00 PM and 05:00 AM or the best period to test bedrooms may be a quiet week in January.

You can arrange for testing to be carried out at any time of the day or night to best suit your hotel’s unique requirements.

Hire experienced engineers for a first-class service

Hire qualified engineers that have years of industry experience to carry out your electrical testing and compliance work – look for hotel-recommended professionals that will work independently, causing minimal interference with the running of your hotel.

When you hire industry experts, you can expect a first-class service with efficient work, strict health and safety compliance and a flexible approach that prioritises limited access areas and is adaptable to changing area availability.

At Intersafe, we recognise the importance of smartly dressed, professional engineers that uphold the high standards of your hotel whilst they carry out their work. To reduce the aesthetic impact of electrical testing, our engineers – who are all DBS checked and employed by us – strive to affix PAT stickers in discreet places.

Our engineers can repair, remove or replace appliances that fail a PAT test and provide a full written report to the hotel, making the process as easy as possible.

Work with Intersafe, hotel testing specialists

Intersafe specialise in electrical testing and compliance solutions for hotels across the country – our clients include some of the UK’s most prestigious five-star venues such as The Park Lane Hotel, Shangri-La and Four Seasons Hampshire.

We carry out free site consultations before work begins to design a plan tailored to each hotel’s individual requirements, ensuring that all projects are optimised to minimise disruption to guests and staff.

Our aim is to carry out electrical testing with the least possible disruption to hotels’ operations, so we offer out-of-hours testing at no extra charge.

Get in touch with the Intersafe team today here to discuss your hotel’s electrical testing requirements.