How thermal imaging can save lives

Loose connections, boiler leakage and system overloads: how thermal imaging can save lives

Thermal imaging is a simple process that can save your business from harm. Using innovative infrared technology, thermal imaging allows you to identify hidden faults in your electrical and mechanical systems before it’s too late.

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging cameras are designed to detect heat energy and translate this into visible light that can be analysed. The cameras can identify even the smallest differences in thermal radiation to locate any problems in your electrical and mechanical systems. Thermography can also be used to find faults in your building that could have hazardous consequences.

What problems can thermal imaging detect?

Thermal imaging can detect faults in your business’ electrical and mechanical systems. In electrical systems, thermography can identify loose connections, overloads, phase imbalances and corrosion. It can also identify high resistance in fuses and switchgear.

With mechanical systems, thermal imaging can detect faults with valves, turbines tank levels and hydraulic, steam and water systems. It can also identify motor overload, insulation breakdown, boiler seal leakage and worn bearings.

Thermal imaging can also be used to check for faults in your buildings, including flat roof leakage, cold storage thermal gain and the continuity of insulation. Thermography further identifies problems with building seals, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Why your business needs thermal imaging?

Any system failures can have damaging consequences for your business. In a best-case scenario, a failure will cause temporary system downtime whilst the fault is fixed, resulting in a loss of productivity and income during this period. In a worst-case scenario, severe faults can cause a fire. Not only does this damage you premises and systems infrastructure, but it may also cause harm to your employees and those in the vicinity of your premises.

If you have a regular thermal imaging survey, any faults and potential problems can be identified before failure occurs. They can then be repaired before they cause further economic or physical damage to your business operations.

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