How should facilities managers prepare for snow days?

What are the challenges created by snow and ice for facilities managers?

When winter hits, facilities managers across the UK brace themselves for the challenges created by snow and ice.

Wintery conditions and freezing temperatures have the potential to make a huge impact on the day-to-day operations in any workplace. From offices to warehouses and hotels to swimming pools, there are few places of work unaffected by wintery weather at its most extreme. ;

Problems caused by blizzards and cold weather include:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Icy or snowy pathways, car parks and roads, representing a trip hazard
  • Doors and windows jamming through ice build up
  • Stalactites forming on roofs, presenting a hazard to those walking underneath

Most facilities managers will have a ‘snow plan’ but for those who don’t here are Intersafe’s top tips:

Prioritise – ;Identify in advance which are the highest priority areas for snow clearance. For example, if it’s a hospital this will be the entrances and exits to the emergency department or if it’s a college, the main entrance and deliveries pathway.

Assemble your team – Set up your snow removal team and ensure they’re fully briefed on the plan. List all of their contact numbers and set out what time you will contact them in event of heavy snow and what they are expected to do.

Think about subcontracting the big stuff – Many facilities use sub contractors to remove snow and grit areas such as car parks and walkways. Set this up in advance and have your account manager’s details to hand.

Keep pipes warm – Frozen pipes can burst and prove costly to repair. Avoid the risk by keeping the heating running, if only intermittently, throughout cold snaps.

One final challenge facilities managers can ensure they are prepared for all year round is the challenge of keeping their electrical testing up to date.

From plug-in electric heaters to kettles and toasters, any electrical item in a workplace must be tested in order to comply with UK health and safety regulations.

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