large industrial hall with LED lighting

How Much Money could LED Lighting Save your Business?

With energy costs soaring, many businesses are looking to cut costs and reduce bills when it comes to electricity usage. Installing LED lighting in your workplace is an excellent long-term investment to reduce your bills by up to 80 per cent. 

Here’s how much money LED lighting could save your business. 

What is LED lighting?

LED lighting is an electric light that using light-emitting diodes to produce light. LED lighting is more energy-efficient than incandescent lighting and most fluorescent lighting. Additionally, it provides a better quality of light, so you might need fewer lamps to achieve a crisp, bright working environment. 

LED lighting’s increased efficiency is what allows it to save your business money – reduced energy usage means reduced energy bills. 

How much money will LED lighting save my business?

How much LED lighting will save your business varies depends on the size and nature of premises, plus the number of lamps in your circuits. LED lighting can save businesses up 80 per cent on their energy bills. With occasional use, LED lighting will cut the energy bills of most businesses by 50 per cent. 

Here’s the maximum predicted annual energy saving for your industry based on your lighting: 

Retail and Offices 

For retail businesses, you could save up to 80 per cent on your energy bill if you use the LED lighting for extended hours (longer than 9am-5pm).  

Warehouses, Industrial, Hotels and Hospitals 

For warehouses, industrial units, hotels and hospitals, you can save up to 80 per cent on your energy bills when LED lighting is used 24/7. 


In schools, LED lighting will cut costs by 80 per cent when used during school hours (9am-5pm). 

How long will it take for LED lighting to pay for itself?

Depending on your usage, LED lighting will pay for itself with energy savings within two to five years. With the current energy price crisis, it is likely that these timeframes will be even quicker. 


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