How LED lighting improves business performance

As well as offering improved energy efficiency, LED lighting can have a huge impact on your business performance.

LED Lighting is well known for its energy saving benefits and associated cost savings. But it also facilitates the application of human-centric lighting in a variety of workplaces to improve human and business performance.

Human Centric Lighting is the approach taken to lighting design and planning with the intention of optimising individual performance.

Humans have evolved a natural circadian rhythm, which matches the natural transition between daybreak, full daylight, dusk and night time. Historically, people lived the majority of their days outside and were naturally in tune with these daily rhythms. In more modern times, most people spend up to 90% of their time indoors, usually under a single intensity light which offers a constant light level regardless of the time of day or night.

Benefits of Bright Lighting

Dozens of scientific studies have demonstrated how bright light can stimulate alertness as well as reduce depression and even improve the condition of patients with dementia.

Installing LED lights which provide a brighter, whiter light can mimic the health benefits of natural daylight, stimulating workplace alertness and productivity levels.

In addition, people with low vision can see more clearly in a brightly lit environment which also helps improve performance.

It’s not just those with poor vision who benefit though; a study by Philips Lighting in schools demonstrated 35% faster reading skills, a 45% reduction in errors and improved behaviour amongst pupils compared to a control group with normal lighting.

In care homes, brighter lighting can help reduce the effects of dementia and for elderly residents, brighter lighting can help counteract cataracts or other visual impairments.

Benefits of Controllable Lighting

LED lighting doesn’t just offer bright light benefits, but LED systems now offer the option for easily controllable light levels. Unlike traditional forms of lighting, the lifespan of LED lamps is relatively unaffected by dimming or repeated switching on and off.

This enables lighting systems to be designed which can dim or turn off when a room is unused, which reduces energy consumption and increases cost savings further.

In addition, LED lighting can offer different light settings – allowing for changes in both light intensity and colour.

This can help support natural bio-rhythms; perfect in hotels or spas for creating a relaxing feeling, in schools at breaktime to create a calm mode, or in hospitals to facilitate sleep amongst patients on the ward or in bedrooms, whilst maintaining bright lighting in high-transit or high-productivity areas.

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