How Has Electrical Testing Changed in 20 Years?

Technology has seen the world change dramatically in 20 years and Intersafe have seen changes to their industry.

Technology has seen the world change dramatically in the last 20 years, who would have thought in 1995 that today we would be paying for our weekly shop by contactless card? Electrical Testing specialists, Intersafe, have seen first-hand the changes technology has made to the Electrical Testing industry over the past two decades.

In October 2002 Director of Intersafe, Adrian Pendle, caught up with the Facilities Management Journal and at this time correctly observed that organisations were missing a trick with PAT testing, rather than seeing it as simply a legislation compliance cost, they should really regard it as more of an asset tracking assessment of their electrical appliances.

Since 1995 Intersafe have encouraged organisations to make more use of their paperless testing system. This foresight proved correct as many organisations now prefer to use database software to track their electrical appliances. Adrian also correctly predicted that the cost of PAT testing would reduce, reflecting the increased competition in the market place and the introduction of innovative PAT testing equipment that companies such as Seaward Electronic have bought to the market.

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