Get Rid Of Risk In Your Hotel

Common questions about Electrical Testing in hotels.

As a Chief Engineer it is your responsibility to ensure that your hotel is comfortable, safe and efficient. Electrical Testing is an important part of this remit. Here are some of the common questions that come up when it comes to PAT Testing and Periodic Testing in hotels.

I’ve been told I have to test the electrical equipment brought in by guests. True or false?

False! The law is restricted to matters within your control. Your duty is to ensure that portable appliances and fixed electrical wiring that belongs to the hotel is safe and does not put people at risk.

How often should Periodic Inspection and Testing be carried out in my hotel?

You should carry out a routine check every year and the maximum number of years between periodic inspections and testing is 5 years.

How do I know if equipment is earthed?

Equipment which is not earthed is usually called ‘double insulated’ or ‘Class II’ and is marked with the ‘double square’ symbol.

Do I need to keep records?

The law does not require this. However you might find it useful if you have a lot of electrical equipment.

What about equipment that employees have bought to work themselves?

Ideally you should not let them bring their own equipment to work. This is something difficult to prevent and you may need to include it in the visual inspection.

What is portable electrical equipment?

Generally, portable electrical equipment has a lead (cable) and plug and which is normally moved around easily. Examples of this kind of equipment include kettles, heaters, fans, televisions and table lights.

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