Electrical Testing – Research reveals the key to a painless project

We share the highlights from a wide-ranging research survey conducted by Intersafe into preferences amongst fixed wire and PAT electrical testing decision makers.

With professional guidance, Intersafe conducted 1 on 1 telephone interviews with new and long term customers as well as those who chose not to progress with Intersafe after a tendering process, in order to gain a 360-degree view.

In addition, Intersafe spoke to decision makers from a broad range of industry sectors including commercial, education, retail, industrial and defence.

Below we share our key findings.

What factors most contribute to smooth fixed wire testing projects?

  • 1. When the contractor has a thorough understanding of the installation. Respondents cited more accurate quotes, less unexpected complications arising and reduced disruption to operations.
  • 2. Consistency of testing engineers from the contractor. Repeat engineers are familiar with the site, require less guidance and the continuity helps develop a relationship and sense of trust.
  • 3. Good planning of testing schedules and Contractor Reliability.Out of hours testing, testing to fit within out-of-term, low-periods, maintenance periods or other similar requirements helps minimise disruption and prevents loss of productivity. Respondents noted that to gain this benefit the reliability of contractors was essential, with engineers arriving on the agreed date / time.

How important is cost in choosing an electrical testing contractor?

Whilst 100% of respondents agreed cost was a major factor,

80% of respondents rated value as more important than cost. Many respondents referenced previous experiences with budget contractors, which had resulted in overlooked issues, delays and operational disruption that cost the company more in the long term.

20% had fixed budgets and quotes were judged purely on cost and would only be considered if they fell within the target price. A number of these respondents preferred using local companies as they were paying just for the testing, and not for travel and subsistence.

How do you find electrical contractors to invite to tender?

On average, respondents preferred to obtain 4 quotes for a fixed-wire testing contract. These were usually identified and selected by:

  • 1.Incumbent provider
  • 2.Google search
  • 3.Recommendations
  • 4.Marketing seen at just the right time

If you would like to participate in our survey in 2019, please contact a member of our team on 02380 610101.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a flexible and reliable contractor to complete your fixed wire or PAT electrical testing, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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