Electrical Safety First Release Report Highlighting the True Cost of Counterfeit Electrical Products

ESF have carried out extensive testing & research in their new report ‘A Shocking Rip Off: True Cost of a Counterfeit.’

The report says that a million people consciously purchased faked products in 2015, but the true figure is likely to be considerably higher, as many others will have unknowingly bought fake goods. Phil Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First, said ‘around half of all domestic fires in ;Great Britain arise through electricity (with the majority caused by electrical products), at an estimated cost of £1 billion.’

The report summarises that as part of this research, a number of counterfeit products were acquired and investigated. This investigation revealed poor build quality, substandard components, missing safety features and potentially dangerous deficiencies in design.

The recommendations from the report include the fact that the market for counterfeit goods would not exist if it wasn’t for consumer demand. This requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders to raise awareness of the issue.

The report looks at counterfeits of various products including a popular brand of high power blender, bladeless fans, steam mops, mobile telephone chargers, hair straighteners and plug fuses.

Electrical Safety First rightly use the report to make recommendations for manufacturers, retailers, the government and the general public. These include calls for increased collaboration between manufacturers, retailers and enforcement agencies to share intelligence and expertise; government to ensure enforcement agencies and local government have the resources to deal with the problem; and consumers to be made aware of the real dangers of counterfeit electrics and how to spot them.

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