Does the New Year offer an ideal electrical testing time for your business?

For many industries, January and February offer quieter periods, with reduced footfall or occupancy providing an ideal opportunity to complete your PAT or Fixed Wire Testing.

In order to properly test any electrical item or circuit, it must be turned off. Even if this is only for a short amount of time, it is important to minimise disruption this may cause to ensure your productivity is unaffected.

January typically sees the lowest hotel occupancy rate across the UK and the lowest footfall rates in retail environment whilst February half-term provides a convenient low-usage period in schools, colleges and Universities within the education sector.

Plan now to take advantage of these quiet periods. Electrical testing is a requirement, not only to ensure you are compliant with Health & Safety legislation, but also to satisfy the demands of your commercial insurer.

If your PAT, Fixed Line or Emergency Lights testing is due within Q1, contact Intersafe today to book an electrical engineer to take advantage of any natural downtime you could expect in this period.

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