Dangerous Faults Found Recently During Fixed Wire Testing

At Intersafe our team of full time engineers carry out Fixed Wire Testing for clients across different sites.

The team come across faults that we want to share with you in order to prevent potential risk, and increase safety as well as compliance for your business.

1. Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) damaged exposing live parts within – any damaged MCB’s increase the risk of faults, fire or electric shock.

MCB Damaged

2. Missing fuse board blank – any ‘Spare’ spaces on a distribution board should be covered with the correct manufacturers blank. In this case the space has been covered with tape. The fault is a C1 which means danger present, risk of injury and immediate remedial action required. The reason a manufacturers blank should be used is because tape could come off or lose its adhesiveness. If the space was exposed and fingers inadvertently entered the enclosure, there is a high risk of electric shock as the board is live.

Fuse Board Blank with Tape
Fuse Board Blank Exposed

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