BS 7671 18th Edition: How to have your say

Ahead of the release of the 18th Edition of BS 7671 next year, you can have your say before the initial release you can have your say about what should be in it. The document is available now for comment and review before the new edition is published. Each edition is created for the benefit of the public so the IET ensure that any British Standard document has to be up for review by the public.

It is important to have your say regarding these issues as your comments and additions can shape and mould the landscape of electrical requirements for the future. This document is up for public discussion as it affects everyone working in the electrical industry as the new edition will be setting the standards for us to be working in accordance to.

June 2017- August 2017- DPC is open for public comment.

The DPC (Draft Public Comment) will be available between these dates. The edition is being released by the British Standards Institution this makes it a public document which has to be made available for comment and review. Anyone can register and sign in to make changes. It is free to give your opinion at this time. The British Standard allow 12 weeks for the public to view this document.

August 2017- November 2017-IET and committees review DPC.

The IET will be reviewing and editing the new edition with consideration to what has been added in from public comment. The availability for public comment will be closed past this point.

November 2017- April 2018-Changes and approved and a final draft is produced.

The changes are approved while the document is being proof read.

4th April 2018- Official JPEL/64 committee sign off the document before the publish date.

The Joint Power electro technical committee is responsible for the final sign off of the new edition. They will review everything from the public comment and final draft before the edition is sent to be published.

1st July 2018- BS 7671 18th Edition.

The new 18th edition of BS 7671 published on the 1st July 2018 and therefore is available to read and buy from this date onwards. This will then be the new guidelines to work in accordance to.

To register and add your comment for the new 18th edition of BS 7671 from the British Standards Institution, click here.