Are You A Facilities Manager Using a Mobile Device for Work?

The way we are working is changing, how is the rise of mobile ‘agile’ working changing the Facilities Management world?

The way we live and work is changing, the mobile phone or tablet has become our ‘go to’ device. According to a recent article on LinkedIn the average person checks their mobile phone 200 times a day! So how has this mobile culture affected Facilities Management?

Agile working has become a buzz phrase with hot desking becoming common place in many businesses across the UK. FM World said in an article last year that ‘Generations Y and Z will ensure that mobile devices will become an integral part of the workplace. ‘

Facilities Management is the perfect place for the rise of mobile technology in the workplace because people are largely working on site with little time spent in the office. The traditional desktop computer in an office does not give FM personnel the information they need to make decisions in the field as they will often be in various locations in a building or at several buildings on a daily basis.

We would like to get your thoughts on this, do you use a mobile or tablet for day to day activities in and out of the office? What are the pros and cons? You can email or tweet us @Intersafe_ltd

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