Why Should I PAT Test?

A question that electrical specialists, Intersafe, are asked on a regular basis.

It’s a question that Electrical Testing specialists, Intersafe, are asked on a regular basis – Why Should I PAT Test? There are many answers to that question, the main one being that the process of electrical inspection and testing has made an important contribution to improving and maintaining safety in the workplace.

Since the Electricity at Work regulation came in to force in 1990 the introduction of visual inspection and testing has had a positive impact on the health and safety of workers in the workplace. Workplace fires have dropped by almost 50%. However out of the 16,800 accidental workplace fires in 2012/2013, 6,400 were still ;caused by faulty or misused appliances, that’s a staggering 38%.

Established over 30 years ago, Seaward Electronic based in Co. Durham, England is the market leader in the field of electrical safety test instrumentation. They have put together this handy infographic to explain the importance of PAT testing:

Why should I PAT test?

PAT Testing Infographic Courtesy of Seaward.

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