PAT Testers and Labels

All appliances tested by Intersafe are assigned a unique identification barcode.

All appliances tested by Intersafe are assigned a unique identification barcode. The labels are high quality write & seal data protected labels, that can be applied either directly to the appliance or wrapped around the appliance cable as required. In subsequent testing, identification barcodes are maintained, with the pass label section only being replaced. Labels can be customised with your own company logo if required.

If the item has failed, then the engineer will take steps to ensure that the item cannot be used before it is made safe or replaced. A red, Do Not Use sticker as well as the identification barcode is placed on the item. Depending on the clients requirement the lead is either removed or the item is moved to an agreed destination. At the end of a night of testing the Team Leader will leave details of the failures and their destinations with the client’s representative.

Intersafe has always invested in the latest and most technologically advanced test instrumentation to ensure full compliance with the IEE Code of Practice and to ensure that our Engineers on site can perform their function accurately and efficiently. We currently use Seaward PrimeTest 300 PAT Testers. These units allow Engineers to capture all the data required as part of a PAT Test by the client including ID number, test results, site, location, test frequency, make, model, serial number, notes and repairs. This information is stored in memory of the testers, and will be downloaded at arranged times into our PATGuard Elite database software.

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We guarantee the quality of all materials used on every contract.