LED Lighting installation in Aristocrat warehouse, London

Upgrading to LED Lighting is a safe bet for Aristocrat

Intersafe had previously completed fixed wire testing and remedial repairs at the London Office of Aristocrat, one of the largest manufacturers of gambling and slot machines in the world.

Following this, Aristocrat invited Intersafe to quote to update the lighting in the main technical office, which was dull, poorly lit and with inconsistent lighter and darker areas.

As part of the free lighting audit, Colin Lang, Operations Manager at Intersafe, developed a lighting plan showing the ideal location of new luminaires to create an even spread of light, resulting in a brighter, more balanced light which improved the working conditions within this office

In addition to the lighting plan, Aristocrat were also presented with a Payback Prediction which calculated that the energy cost savings made through the use of LED technology would pay for the cost of the new lights and installation with an 18 month period.

Aristocrat are committed to sustainability and energy efficiency. Once they appreciated the energy savings resulting from installing and using LED lighting instead of fluorescent or halogen lamps, they immediately asked Intersafe to extend the LED lighting implementation to their warehouse as well as the offices.

Commenting on the difference, an the Planning & Production Manager at Aristocrat said “The new LED lighting installed by Intersafe has made a significant difference to our working environment; it is lighter, brighter and has lifted the whole feel of the office. It is important to us that we operate in an environmentally conscious way, so knowing that this improvement also saves energy makes it a double win for us. Working with Colin was easy, he explained the whole process clearly, we were really impressed with the proposal and then work was then carried out quickly and efficiently. Thank you, Intersafe!”