The Park Lane Hotel Entrust Fixed Wire Testing to Hotel Electrical Testing Experts Intersafe

Based in the very heart of London's Mayfair, The Park Lane Hotel provides luxurious accommodation to thousands of visitors from all over the world, every year.

Containing 305 guest rooms and convenient meeting spaces for businesses, it boasts stunning views over Green Park and easy access to the boutiques of Bond Street and Knightsbridge.

And with the hotel playing host to so many guests from home and abroad, the safety of its visitors is paramount.

At the end of 2011, in the lead up to the London Olympics, it entrusted Intersafe with the important task of carrying out fixed wire testing.

Andrejus Losevas, Chief Engineer at the hotel, said: "We started looking online in October for the best company to carry out our periodic inspection and testing. There were hundreds of companies out there but Intersafe stuck out and was in the top three that we approached for quotes.

"What then instantly set Intersafe apart was the fact that they were keen to come and meet us and see the hotel before supplying a quote. The other companies had simply supplied quotes from a spec given over the telephone, so straight away I knew that Intersafe truly cared about the work and was keen to give the most accurate quote possible. This was one of the key reasons we chose Intersafe."

Work started at The Park Lane Hotel in December 2011 and Andrejus says he was highly-impressed with the team's professionalism.

He said: "Sometimes when you work with contractors it actually creates more work as you are running around answering their questions and dealing with their enquiries. With Intersafe it was completely different and a breath of fresh air.

"They worked quickly, efficiently and very independently. In fact, the only time I saw them was at the end of the day when they would give me an update on the work. It took the stress away for me not having to watch over them 24/7 and they worked strictly to our health and safety guidelines which was important.

"Their communication was brilliant and their work did not interfere with the busy goings on of staff or visitors to the hotel."

Throughout the project Intersafe's team of highly-qualified inspection and testing professionals carried out all necessary work in the hotel's 305 rooms, kitchens, store cupboards and meeting rooms. They also inspected and tested the hotel's separate office building.

Once complete, Intersafe compiled a thorough 870-page report for the hotel, which acts as vital documentation for the company.

Andrejus concluded: "The best thing about working with Intersafe was the peace of mind they gave us. Handling and supervising contractors can be a busy and often stressful job but Intersafe made the entire process a walk in the park. I'd certainly recommend Intersafe and use the company again."