Intersafe Improve Efficiency of Service by 90% for American Data Communications and Telecommunications Equipment Provider

The Intersafe team tested 15,000 items over a four-week period, a rate more than 90 percent quicker than Motorola's previous contractor had achieved.

Motorola's major manufacturing facility for GSM radio transmission equipment at Groundwell, Swindon is housed in an award-winning building complex that spans an area equal to three football pitches. This impressive-looking aluminium and glass clad structure covers 28 000m2 of manufacturing space and 4500m2 of offices.

The complex's futuristic design was once used as a location for the Bond film 'The World Is Not Enough', starring Pierce Brosnan but even 007 would have found the task of Portable Appliance Testing 15,000 electrical appliances used at the site a daunting one.

However, that was the mission for the facilities management team at the Swindon site. The key objectives were to help the organisation improve its Portable Appliance Testing activities by saving time and money as well as improving its overall asset management capabilities.

To help tackle the challenge Motorola called in Portable Appliance Testing specialist, Intersafe, who immediately ensured the PAT testing programme would be completed in as little time as possible by putting a team of six trained professionals onto the Motorola site. To ensure that the PAT programme continues to run smoothly the Intersafe team leader is responsible for day-to-day contact with Motorola's facilities management personnel.

The Intersafe team tested 15,000 items over a four-week period, a rate more than 90 percent quicker than Motorola's previous contractor had achieved. By rescheduling the testing programme and lowering the per item costs Intersafe has enabled Motorola to more than halve its annual PAT testing expenditure. The benefit is an annual saving of about £15,000.

One of the secrets to this success is that, prior to the beginning of the testing programme, Intersafe implemented a risk assessment of the electrical equipment and organised a schedule to test high-risk items on an annual basis. Low-risk equipment is visually checked once every 18 months and these items will be fully tested every three years. To improve Motorola's control of record and asset information Intersafe implemented a barcode system and supplied Motorola with its Safety Base database software to control the company's test data and eliminate the need for paper-based test results.

The PAT Guard software enables Motorola to record detailed data to show useful asset management trends such as which machine model costs the most in repairs, which department uses the most equipment, how many electrical appliances fail the Portable Appliance Test first time and which department's equipment costs the most in repairs/servicing.

The database now enables Motorola's facilities management team to know not only the number of items on site as a whole but also the number in each of the site's four buildings.

Intersafe has also provided Motorola with a PAT Tester, a hand-held computer and training to enable its own personnel to test that new items are safe before their use.