Cineworld Celebrate Nearly a Decade Working with Intersafe

Working with Cineworld requires a great deal of careful organisation and planning, followed up with efficient administration and Intersafe has demonstrated its attention to detail time and time again.

Cineworld Plc was formed 20 years ago, in 1996 and built an excellent reputation on 37 multiplex cinemas. Years ago, Cineworld was bought out by Blackstone, who also bought up UGC. Joining forces with Blackstone has made Cineworld one of the UK’s largest cinema exhibitors and the second largest in Europe, with a market share of 20%.

Cineworld is also a market leader in the field of 3D technology. They launched Real D, a new type of digital 3D projection. Cineworld invested around £8 million installing 74 extra projectors at its biggest screens, adding to the 78 already in place, to make it the number one exhibitor of 3D in the UK.

Although its headquarters is in London, it has a technical support office in Milton Keynes, where a Technical Manager is based.

“We’re a very big national concern, with cinemas based everywhere from Jersey in the Channel Islands to Scotland to Ireland and we have very specific needs. We wanted to appoint a professional and reliable company which understood what we really needed and could just get on with the work. Intersafe stood out for us with both its positive marketing campaign and its very competitive price point. We have been working together for a year now and I am continually impressed by its proactive service and flexible approach.”

Intersafe has to work round the screening times for 25,000 items at all 76 locations. Its team contacts and makes all arrangements for testing with the cinema management direct. All arrangements are confirmed by e-mail and fax and each site is supplied with test certificates in pdf format after testing has been completed. It is vital that testing of the projection equipment is completed before the first film is shown and the company has to work around film times which range from 10.30am to midnight.

“Intersafe is a small company” he says “but it has the flexibility and capacity to handle a big national account. Its administration is excellent and its response is quick. Feedback from the cinemas has been very positive and I am delighted with our working relationship.”