NEW LED Lighting Service

Intersafe launches a new LED Lighting Service to enable commercial customers to improve lighting quality, reduce energy consumption and save money.

LED Lighting is the most energy and cost-efficient lighting technology on the market today and typically achieves a 50 – 80% reduction in energy costs.

Intersafe offers a FREE of charge lighting survey in order to identify your lighting inventory and replacement luminaire requirements. We calculate and provide you with a Payback Estimate, so you can see how much you could safe – before you commit.

All LED luminaires are covered by Intersafe’s 5 Year Maintenance Free Guarantee, although LED bulbs typically last in excess of 10 years, so once installed you can avoid the inconvenience, and expense, of arranging replacements lamps.

Not only does LED lighting offer significant cost savings, it reduces your carbon footprint and provides a crisper, higher quality light – no more annoying flickering fluorescent bulbs.

For more information, contact Intersafe and book an appointment for a FREE lighting survey Contact Intersafe

Managing Director of Intersafe, Adrian Pendle, comments “As electrical compliance specialists, our customers look to Intersafe for advice on best practices. We are delighted to launch our new LED Lighting service, which will see most commercial customers benefit from significant energy savings, reducing their energy bills by 50 – 80%. Our free of charge site survey will enable hotels, retail estates, warehouses, factories, colleges and a wide range of commercial businesses to see exactly how much they could save and what the payback period would be, before they need commit.”