How do I know if my commercial building is wasting energy?

As the winter months send temperatures plummeting across the UK, so energy waste will be front of mind for FM managers

As the winter months send temperatures plummeting across the UK, the matter of energy waste will be front of mind for many facilities managers.

Wasted energy ultimately leads to wasted money and the easiest and quickest way of finding out if the commercial building you are working in is wasting energy is through infrared thermography. ;

Intersafe’s Managing Director, Adrian Pendle, explains: “Infrared thermography is a non-destructive, non-contact method of locating faults by measuring the infrared radiation emitted by surfaces. Viewing a thermal image immediately points users to anomalies which could indicate potential faults.

“Thermal imaging surveys are often used in relation to building services, insulation activities and energy performance assessments because they all become easier with this information. The survey gives the company an exact and documented overview of fault locations in the building, which can then be fixed.”

Thermal imaging can detect heat loss and cool infiltration or exfiltration and heating and ventilation problems. Hot spots can indicate overheating and failing equipment, and missing insulation panels in heating ducts. ;

Cold spots can reveal moisture, poor insulation, blocked radiators, defective heating elements in underfloor heating systems, faulty construction, and failing ;

In roofing surveys, the imagers detect wet insulation under the roof membrane in flat roof systems, allowing wet portions of the roofing structure to be repaired or replaced before the entire roof is damaged.

In restoration projects, moisture can be detected despite being concealed behind walls, ceilings or covered floors. That helps control mould by finding sources of moisture that would otherwise go undetected.

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