Do you need to PAT test second-hand equipment?

Do you need to PAT test second-hand equipment?

Portable appliance testing (PAT testing) applies to all portable appliances supplied for use at home or in the workplace.

PAT testing applies to all portable electrical devices, like phones, printers, computers and even extension leads.

Workplaces must undertake periodic PAT testing to ensure the safe working order of their portable electrical appliances.

But does this only apply to new devices? Or does it apply to second-hand equipment too?

Does PAT testing apply to second-hand equipment?

If you’ve ever bought a second-hand electronic device, then you’ll likely have seen a PAT testing sticker attached with the date it was tested.

So, the answer is yes – PAT testing applies to all portable electrics, regardless of whether they’re new or secondhand.

If you’re selling second-hand electrical equipment, it’s your duty to ensure that it’s safe to use.

The law surrounding electrical appliance safety is a little hazy, and it’s true that PAT testing itself is not a legal requirement. Moreover, there’s no formal timeline for how often it should be undertaken.

However, certain people and places are legally responsible for providing safe electrical equipment for users, including workplaces and landlords. In these situations, PAT testing is a reliable method to ensure electrical safety regulations are correctly adhered to.

In short, while PAT testing is not mandatory by law, testing and maintaining electrical equipment is. The best practice is to PAT test electronics on business premises every 12 months.

How often should PAT testing be carried out?

As mentioned, there’s no formal schedule for PAT testing (read more on HSE’s FAQ), but many businesses develop their own 12-month testing cycles.

While regular PAT testing is a cautious approach, this is sensible for businesses that use electrical equipment often or where the risk of wear and tear or damage to electrical equipment is high.

PAT testing ensures electrical safety

Businesses aiming for high health and safety standards should use PAT testing to ensure the safety of electrical appliances.

Intersafe’s qualified engineers provide PAT testing with numerical test results and barcoding of all tested items with unique asset ID numbers.

To find out more about PAT testing your equipment, speak to one of the Intersafe team today!