Which Codes in Your EICR Report Mean Your Installation could be Dangerous?

Which Codes in Your EICR Report Mean Your Installation could be Dangerous?

To fulfil all legal requirements for your business premises, it’s essential to have regular electrical testing. After professional testing, you’ll be provided with an EICR report with codes to indicate the safety of your installation.

Here’s a guide to EICR codes and which ones mean that your installation could be dangerous.

What are the codes in an EICR report?

In an EICR report, there are four Condition Report observation codes: Code 1 (C1), Code 2 (C2), Code 3 (C3) and Further Investigation (FI).

  • C1 – Danger present
  • C2 – Potentially dangerous
  • C3 – Improvement recommended
  • FI – Further investigation required

If no code is given, there is no risk and no improvement required at the time of testing.

Which EICR codes mean your installation has failed?

At the end of the inspection, your tester will deem whether your installation is Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. If your report features the codes C1, C2 or FI, your installation must be deemed Unsatisfactory.

If your report has no C1s, C2s or FIs but has some C3s, your installation can be deemed Satisfactory. A Satisfactory result is essentially a pass, and Unsatisfactory a fail. If your installation achieves an Unsatisfactory result, you are not complying with legal regulations and must undertake remedial work to make it safe.

Which EICR codes are the most dangerous?

In an EICR report, the most dangerous observation code is C1. This means that your installation is currently posing a risk to health and safety. Often, this is because live parts of the installation are exposed.

A C2 code also poses a threat to health and safety as, at the time of testing, your installation is potentially dangerous. While it may not be dangerous currently, it is likely to be in the future. Urgent remedial action is required to mitigate this risk.

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