18th Edition – Amendment One

The IET have issued the First Amendment to BS7671: 2018 (also known as the 18th Edition).

Intersafe Operations Manager, Colin Lang, answers questions about the first Amendment to the 18th Edition.

Q: What is an Amendment?

An amendment is an update to the current edition of BS7671 (“the Regs”). There are generally 3 amendments issued per edition. The amendments occur due to changes in technology which have an effect on the type of equipment being installed such as electric charging points for vehicles or changes due to safety such as the introduction of fire rated distribution boards in domestic premises.

Q: What are major implications that Facilities Managers need to be aware of with this latest version?

This amendment will have very little direct implications to FMs as the main focus to this amendment was the updating of Section 722 – Electric Vehicle Charging Installations. But FMs should be aware of the changes for future EV charging installations.

Q: What happens if something was installed between the 18th Edition publication and this new amendment?

If something has been installed to a previous edition (18th or sooner) the installation will still be compliant and doesn’t need to be ripped out and replaced. Even if an installation has been designed to meet the criteria specified in the previous edition/pre-amendment there is a transition period where the installation can continue be installed before the new amendment comes into effect. In the case of this amendment, any installation where the erection commences after the 31st July 2020 must comply with Amendment 1:2020.

However, it is important to remember that any changes made to an existing circuit/ installation will need to be made to the standard of the new amendment.

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