LED Lighting

Save 50-80% on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint by switching to LED Lighting, the most energy and cost-efficient lighting technology available on the market today.

Why Change to LED Lighting?

The main advantage of using LED lighting is the considerable cost savings to be made, on maintenance and energy bills:

Can Commercial Lighting Use LED Lighting?

In short – yes. Intersafe deals directly with the manufacturer to source a wide range of light styles to replace your fluorescent tubes, halogen spot lights, recessed lighting, external lighting and even desk lamps or table lamps. Intersafe guarantees savings for all commercial properties, offices, industrial units, retail sites, universities and schools, hotels, spas, theatres and more.

What is Involved in Changing to LED Lighting?

Intersafe's LED lighting specialists will conduct a FREE site survey to evaluate your lighting requirements and inventory. Intersafe will provide you with a full quote including a payback-period calculation, so you can see the savings before you commit. Intersafe can also provide a lighting plan detailing the locations of the lights and expected light levels.

To get started, contact Intersafe to book an appointment.

Our Services

Fixed Wire Testing

Fixed Wire Testing involves testing the systems that conduct electricity around a building.

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a Health & Safety requirement for any organisation. This involves the testing of any portable appliances, machinery or equipment.

Thermal Imaging

Using thermal imaging, our engineers can accurately identify existing faults with an electrical installation, as well as predict potential future issues that could save lives.