Electrical Testing for the Manufacturing Industry

Intersafe Engineers are Experienced in Electrical Testing in High-Volume Production, Clean Room, Sensitive and other specialist Manufacturing Environments

The manufacturing sector usually involves a complex testing environment; whether you operate a high-volume production with minimal permitted downtime, a highly technical or sensitive cleanroom or use specialist high-voltage plant machinery - Intersafe has the relevant experience in conducting fixed wire testing, PAT Testing, thermal imaging and emergency light testing.

Bespoke Solutions

Before testing starts, Intersafe will work with you to understand your exact requirement and limitations. We may arrange a site visit to discuss any operational challenges we need to be aware of, as well as discuss deadlines, scheduled downtime and PPE requirements. We will work with you to create a bespoke electrical testing plan, which may involve, for example, out of hours testing or multiple engineers on site for a more intensive testing window.

Quality & Expertise

In order to guarantee the quality of our testing services, our engineers are full-time employees; salaried not paid by the test and fully qualified and up-to-date with the latest testing specifications.

Making It Easy

We will also work with you to ensure that different areas of your premises are tested at the appropriate interval - for example offices may require fixed wire testing every 5 years, whilst heavy plant machinery in an industrial environment will require more frequent inspection.

Once testing is completed, all reports and certificates will be issued via our secure, online client portal which provides a convenient storage location and an easy way for you (and members of your team) to find and access reports when needed.

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Our Electrical Testing Services

Fixed Wire Testing (EICR)

Obtain an EICR to confirm compliance of electrical circuits and installations with current safety regulations.

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) provides evidence that electrical appliances and equipment are safe to use.

Thermal Imaging

Sophisticated thermal cameras identify electrical overheating issues not visible to the naked eye.

Emergency Light Testing

Full duration discharge tests for emergency lighting systems.

LED Lighting

Improve working environments and reduce energy bills by up to 80% with LED lighting.

Remedial Work

Fix any issues identified in an EICR to achieve electrical compliance.